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blank Low cost high impact fax marketing using your data or ours from as low as 1p per fax.
blank Low cost, targeted email marketing using your data or ours.
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Send a Newsletter

  There is no better way to keep in contact with your customers and prospects than through sending them a regular ‘customer newsletter’.

This means that if you are not already doing so you must start building a database of customer details (including at the very least their first name and email address). These should be entered into an Excel spreadsheet. If anybody ever enquires about your products or service make sure you get their contact details.

You’ve also no doubt heard the expression that the ‘squeaky wheel gets the oil’ and this is so true in terms of customer retention and building relationships. You need to be visible. You need to keep reminding customers that you are ‘there’, that you are still in business (no mean achievement in today’s economic climate) and that you are ready and willing to service their needs.

At the same time you may have special offers (if you are a service provider), or new stock (if you are in retail). Customers need to be told about these things. And the cheapest, most economic way of reaching your customer / prospect database is through an emailed company newsletter. Sometimes it can pay to send a voice broadcast ( to your customers a day or two before telling them to check their emails for an offer from you.

If your database comprises 100% customers (or genuine ‘opt-in’ in the case of prospects) then we will allow your mailing to go out through a white-listed server. The importance of using a white-listed server cannot be over emphasised. It means that your emails will be allowed to go through the ever increasingly sophisticated spam filters put in place by most major ISP’s to stop unsolicited emails whether of the pernicious type like Viagra, copy watches, fake degrees, etc., or even perfectly legitimate (but nevertheless unsolicited) emails from reputable suppliers. Using a white-listed server your emails will sail through and achieve a very high delivery rate.

For this reason we have to be very careful as to who gets access to such a server.

In order to prepare a newsletter you can either do the whole job yourself then simply send the HTML ready copy to us to send out on your behalf, or you can engage an outside company to help you. Once prepared we will handle the whole campaign for you and when it is completed will send you a full report.

For casual sending you will find our costs on the Costs page. If you are looking to send on a regular basis we offer the following discounts:

(minimum 6 months)

less 10%  

(minimum 6 months)

less 20%  

(minimum 6 months)

less 30%  

If you need help in preparing your newsletter there are a number of companies that can assist you in this. In due course we will publish on this page a list of professional (and at the same time reasonably priced) providers that can give you any assistance that you require – whether it be providing content for your newsletter, designing it – indeed whatever you need.

We will become involved when you are ready to send your newsletter. Our prices are very reasonable and our service is excellent. Following the despatch of the newsletter you will receive a report in a format similar to that which appears below.

  Email Report for:   Name of Client  
  Sent:   2,500  
  Bounced:   200  
  Delivered:   2,300  
  Views:   750  
  Untraced:*   1,550  
  Clicks:   75  
  * Untraced does not mean unread. In order to track an email, all emails have a tiny white image 1px x 1px. When the email is opened, the image is tracked and everyone knows if it has been opened or not. However, many email programs like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook and others suppress images until the reader clicks 'view images'. Until a reader clicks 'view images the email is recorded as untraced. Many readers fear opening images and will read their emails without reference to the images.  

For full information on having a regular newsletter sent on your behalf please call our office now on:

0800 970 4864


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