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Fully Managed Email Promotions

  With our fully managed email service we handle your entire campaign. You simply send us the artwork you want to email out, along with your customer database, and we do the rest. For a fully managed campaign your data must be customer data, subscribers or genuine opt-in requests. If you have bought your data from a list broker, otherwise compiled it, or would like to use our B2B data, we also offer fully managed campaigns, but you will need to go to

Full service means exactly what it says. We set your campaign up, load your data, do initial tests, and once the campaign is completed send you a full report telling you how many emails were delivered, opened, and where a link is given, how many people clicked on the link.

Sometimes the question is raised as to how secure your data is. With around 45,000 customers our hosting partners take data protection very seriously. All systems are password protected and your data will never be used for any purpose other than for the sending out of your own emails. For your own added protection and peace of mind we also recommend that you ‘seed’ your data. By this we mean adding one or two ‘dummy’ names to your email addresses so that if ever there was any unauthorised email sent to your list you would soon know about it.

Costs for fully managed email promotions can be found on the Costs page of this site.

With the proliferation of spam and other unwanted email, getting your message into the inbox, and then opened by the intended recipient is now getting more and more difficult. Over the past year or so open rates have dropped significantly so that in many cases clients are often finding that as little as 30% of their emails actually get delivered. And of the emails that are delivered, even less actually get opened. In his excellent book The Complete Guide to Email Marketing, Bruce C. Brown notes that worldwide the number of emails sent per person each day averages 174. However, of the 174 emails sent only 32 are actually received by the intended recipient (18.39%). Bear in mind that this covers all emails, and so targeted campaigns to customer lists will get a higher delivery rate.

Assuming you have kept your data up to date and that bounce backs are minimal you will achieve a high delivery rate because the servers used are white listed by all the major ISPs. It is for this reason that only genuine customer, subscriber or opt-in data can be used on these servers.

In their recently published white paper on targeting recipients that don’t open, authors Michael Brooks and Sally Lowery note that the key reasons emails don’t get opened are:

Volume - The average inbox is inundated with messages, both legitimate and spam. Your ‘from name’ and subject line may be afforded a fraction of a second for consideration …. Or perhaps none at all!

Subject Line –The odds against finding one subject line that appeals to everybody are astronomical. If your subject line appeals to 25% of recipients that leaves 75% for whom it holds no appeal.

From Name – a name that is not recognised will inevitably result in the email being deleted.

Content – There will always be customers for whom a particular email message holds no interest.

Too Busy – These days we are all suffering from information overload. Trying to strike a balance between work, family and social activities lessens the amount of time available to read email. Long gone are the days when we got excited because we’d received an email! Now, even legitimate emails get deleted in an effort to keep on top of things.

The ‘key’ to maximising email results is NOT to send a single mailing only, but to re-mail and then mail again, each time winnowing down the list and changing key indicators. It is with this in mind that we are pleased to announce our premium email service in which we don’t just send one email, but will resend again and again in order to achieve maximum delivery.

Premium Service

The way in which our premium service operates is very simple. You get not one, but THREE mailings to your database. But the service goes beyond just mailing to the database a second and third time with the same message. What we do is:
  1. The first mailing is sent to your entire database (say 10,000)
  2. We then wait for 3-4 days to maximise the number of ‘open’ emails that are likely to happen
  3. We then extract all those persons who actually opened their emails (say 2,000)
  4. Working with you we then reformat your message changing the subject line, maybe the opening content and/or the name of the sender
  5. The email is then sent out again to the remaining 8,000 people on your list (which may result in say another 1,500 emails being opened)
  6. Again we wait a few days and again make changes in association with you. We then send to the remaining 6,500 addresses on the list, and this time maybe 750 get opened
  7. The overall result is that by following this strategy of changing the message some 4,250 emails get opened instead of just 2,000 based on a single email shot

To avail yourself of the premium service you need to let us know at the beginning of your campaign. For this service you pay for two mailings at the prevailing rate (see Costs) and then receive the third mailing free of charge.

For more details please call us on 0845 222 0033.


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